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August 27, 2009

Letter to the Student Bodyaasa logo white stamp

Spring Semester 2009 has been one of transition and preparation. Before ending its term, the past AASA Board, led by May Liu (ES’10) & Adrian Latortue (SM’10), reduced AASA board from 18 members to a compact 12. At the start of our term, we committed ourselves to a new organizational vision: emphasis on educational and political issues at AASA events.

During AASA’s first meeting, we fleshed out 3 goals:

(1)   Provide the Asian American community with access to political issues and current events

(2)   Reach out to the Yale Community about our constituency and organize general events in order to improve credibility and visibility

(3)   Provide a platform to create and nurture friendships within the Asian American community

Throughout the semester, our assessment of these goals always came back to the same question: How is AASA acting as a resource to our member groups, and how are we positively impacting the student body? Looking back, the answer is three-fold: (1) We created diverse programming to expand our audience by distributing 4000 fortune cookies with Asian American facts, planned activities with NAACP, LGBT, and other organizations, and attempted niche events such as cooking lessons. (2) We made our traditional events more interactive, holding multi-part Master’s Teas, inclusive intra-board mixers, and a weekly basketball league. (3) We used AASA’s organizational strength to contribute to worthy causes in the Yale community, registering over 90 people at our Bone Marrow Registration Drive and holding a charity basketball tournament benefitting Relay for Life.

Our final accomplishment is related to the area that connects the majority of you to us: our online content. We’ve made a concerted effort to bring you Asian American news—at Yale and worldwide— every week through the Announcements and the Blog. We hope that the Facts of the Weeks have been informative, that the Jokes are kind of funny (they will be better next semester, promise) and that the new Announcement layout has become easier to read. We also thank everyone who has contributed and read our AASA Blog, (, which has over 5500 hits and is the source of our unfiltered views. Be on the lookout for a joint Ivy League Asian American blog next semester.

The resulting pages highlight each AASA event during Spring ’09, for you and future generations to assess so that when events like these happen again, they can be improved upon. Following that section will be reports from the lifeblood of AASA: our member groups.

Enjoy; we hope you have a better understanding of the Asian American community when it’s all said and done. (Report was sent out to AASA panlist, to request a copy please email, or; it is also uploaded on AASA’s website:


Peter Lu and Vi Nguyen

Asian American Students Alliance ‘09


Wiring the Web for Global Good

August 17, 2009


I’m not computer-savvy enough to embed this–but check this out!

Bungee Jumped

August 11, 2009

~Christine Chen, PC ’12

On Saturday, I went to Longqing Xia where I walked around, rode a boat, and then BUNGEE JUMPED.  I’m not sure if Light would approve me risking my life for 150 yuan, but it was totally worth it.  The experience was unbelievable and hard to describe, but I think I’ll just try to explain what I was thinking. Upcoming is a sort of train-of-thought train wreck.

So I’m on the boat and see a person flying down with only a rope of some sorts attached to the ankle. I immediately think, I want to do it. Come on, let’s do it. It’s only 150 kuai and a once in a lifetime experience. Sweet, I got Wenguo to do it with me.  We’re hiking up the mountain for a bit, following the signs. I’m getting more and more excited.  This old lady is in charge of ticketing.  Takes my weight down and takes my money.  Go up the stairs to the platform.  Hey, there are some Yalies here from another program.  Sweet.  What up, how have you been, and all those other pleasantries.  Wait for an hour-ish.  Feelings vacillate from impatience, boredom, excitement, and dread. I’m coming up.  Go the end of the platform, put on the ankle thingy. Get a hug from Wenguo, who’s in worse condition than me.  Go to the edge.  The employee there, holds me back for a bit by pulling on the back of my shorts. Oh, also, they put tape around the waists of all the girls so that our shirts don’t fly off. Sexist. I already tucked in my shirt, thank you very much.  Alright, on the edge.  Take a deep breath. What the hell am I doing. Fuck it. I jump. Scream my head off. Oh my god. I get a little confused.  Why have I not reached the end of the entire length of the rope cord? Continue screaming. Whiplash. Whoa, jerky. Scream a bit more. My arms don’t stay to the side, and out of habit from years of swimming go to diving position.  Heh, I kind of would have liked it if I could have dived into the water. So cool and refreshing.  More whiplash, and then I just kinda swing around. My rope turns around a lot, so I’m dizzy and disoriented, but full of adrenaline.  Where am I? Hehe, I’m swinging over water by a single cord. Haha, this is weird. Weird combination. They lower me down onto a boat, where the employee tells me to grab a pole. I miss. They yell at me and ask if I want to swing around all day.  Second time, I grab it. Put me down on the seat and take off the ankle thingy. Boat zooms to the dock. Bam, it’s done all in the course of less than five minutes. Hah, I just bungee jumped. Whoa.

I don’t consider myself a very adventurous person, but, hell, I’d do it again.

Power of Youth

August 11, 2009

~By Vi Nguyen, DC ’11

You’ve been to Leadership Conferences before, I’m sure. But there is something thrilling about the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (uNAVSA) (you-nav-sa) Conference.

Because at the end of the Conference, there is something tangible to hold on to, a campaign, a connection:

Thousands of youths gather together, thousands of fundraisers, hundreds of campaigns, empowered in strength. And AASA Yalies were involved, too!! Below is Zach Liao, BR ’11!

And in Atlanta, Georgia, just a few days ago, when I went as representative for VietHope– this is the result of all their amazing and inspiring work:

Hong Vo, Huy Tran, Nick Ngo, Brian Vo, Alan Tu, My-Anh Ha, Vi Nguyen, Uyen-Khanh Dang

(uNAVSA) Hong Vo, Huy Tran, Nick Ngo, Brian Vo, (VietHope) Alan Tu, My-Anh Ha, Vi Nguyen, Uyen-Khanh Dang

So thanks, uNAVSA for flexing your youth-muscle!

uNAVSA 6, 2009: Follow your passion, Define Your Path!

uNAVSA 6, 2009: Follow your passion, Define Your Path!

Find out more about CPP’s 08-09 campaign beneficiary:

Find out more about uNAVSA’s 08-09 campaign:

For more info, find out what the next campaign is all about:

Power of Politics!

August 11, 2009

When Hilary & Bill Clinton team up—great things seem to happen! This time, it was in North Korea! Laura Ling & Euna Lee were released!!

Zhang Binyang/Xinhua, via Reuters  Former President Bill Clinton greeted American journalists Laura Ling, middle, and Euna Lee as they board a plane at an airport in Pyongyang on Tuesday.

Zhang Binyang/Xinhua, via Reuters Former President Bill Clinton greeted American journalists Laura Ling, middle, and Euna Lee as they board a plane at an airport in Pyongyang on Tuesday.

For more info, check out the NY Times article that cheered us up so much: