“Wanna Rave? Like Glowsticks? Then this is the dance party for you!”


With 30 pounds of glowsticks being thrown out throughout the night to Prelude attendees, there was no doubt that the dance party was in full swing.  Prelude is traditionally one of the very first official dance parties of the year thrown by (your very own) AASA board. While most Yalies were still lounging around during those last lazy days of summer, we were already busily making preparations for Prelude. One of the first and most crucial elements we secured for the dance was our DJ, Yale’s very own Bucky Knight PC’12. We received the greatest amount of requests for hip-hop dance beats, and as a result, the night of Prelude was filled with pumping notes with artists such as Kanye, Lil’ Jon, and T.I.; however, we ran into many obstacles during the planning process as well. One of our biggest barriers was ensuring that we could secure the Saybrook Dining Hall. With the Master often busy and out of the office, we became more and more anxious about whether we would actually have a venue to hold the party. Thankfully, things worked out (as they always magically seem to do), and the frenzied preparations began.

The week leading up to the night of Prelude was a whirlwind of in-your-face party propaganda. The entire Yale class of 2013 was messaged through Facebook, posters were put up on doors, entryways, boards, kiosks, poles, tables you name it. Anywhere you turned, you could not escape those neon-colored squares telling you to come to Prelude. Annoying? Perhaps. Effective? You bet. The night of the Prelude party was a total success. With almost 300 attendees, it was clear that the Class of 2013 (as well as the rest of the university), was down to party.

Did you make it into the Prelude Photo Gallery? See HERE



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