Forwarding your Yale mail to Gmail (and other emails), sending from your Yale email through Gmail, and plus-addressing

Edit (2013-08-07): These instructions are OBSOLETE.  Yale students no longer use Pantheon accounts.  Please see and instead.


~Anthony Hsu (ES ’12)

Though most Yalies probably have their Yale mail set up to forward to Gmail or know how, for those of you don’t, here’s a step-by-step guide that explains the easy process (the process is similar for other email accounts):

  1. Go to and log in with your Yale netID.
  2. Click “Configure” for the option “Mail Forwarding”.
  3. Type in your Gmail address you want your Yale email to forward to.  I recommend you also check “Also keep a copy of forwarded mail on my Yale account.”  Then Click “Set Forwarding”.  Accept the user agreement.  Done!

Now, if you want to be able to send email from your Yale account directly from your Gmail account, here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account at
  2. Click “Settings” in the top-right corner.
  3. Click the “Accounts and Import” tab.
  4. Click “Send mail from another address” (in the 2nd section).
  5. In the popup window, type in your Yale email address (e.g.: and click “Next Step »”.
  6. [EDIT 1-31-10]: I was told by a Student Tech (see comment below) that apparently it is against Yale policies to give out our netID and password to third-parties. So you should select the option “Send through Gmail servers” and disregard steps 7-11 below.
  7. Select the option “Send through SMTP servers”
  8. For the SMTP Server, type in
  9. Enter your Yale netID and password for “Username” and “Password”.
  10. The port should be “587” and “Always use a secure connection…” should be left unchecked.
  11. You should receive an email sent by Gmail asking you to confirm sending mail from your Yale email address.  Click the confirmation link and you’re done!

Now, suppose you have a Gmail address  You can “plus-address” this email by adding a “+tag” before the “@” sign.  For example, email sent to any of the following addresses will still arrive in the inbox of joe.momma:


Gmail also ignores periods in a Gmail address, so all of the following addresses are the same:


When registering for mailing lists or websites, you can use a plus-addressed email or an email with extra periods, and then set up a filter for messages sent to this email.  Suppose I registered for a site with the email   Then, later on, if I receive spam and I see the message was sent to, I can set up a filter to automatically delete/archive/filter messages sent to this email.

Leave a comment or email me at if you have problems or questions.


4 Responses to “Forwarding your Yale mail to Gmail (and other emails), sending from your Yale email through Gmail, and plus-addressing”

  1. Nathan Samuel Says:

    Thanks that was a really useful post, I’ve been wondering how to get my mail forwarded to Gmail for ages!

  2. yaleaasa Says:

    Hey Nathan,
    Thanks for the appreciative comment. I’m glad this post helped someone!

  3. Student Tech Says:

    Nice tutorial.

    However, as an ST I’m obligated to mention that it’s Yale ITS policy that students don’t give their netids and passwords to unauthorized 3rd parties (of which Google is one).

    For sending email, this means that you just have to settle for sending through gmail’s servers by NOT selecting “Send mail from another address” (you can still the sender as your “” address, though!)

  4. Sara Protasi Says:

    Thanks! That was very helpful!

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